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Today's U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate is 1.29

The E.R.I. Group has learned that our former Southern Ontario Service Team member Willis Cronkwright is currently in hospital and is not well. We are all praying for him.


E.R.I. Group Press Release - January 25 2017

Shipping available with Loomis or Purolator from I.P.W. Edmonton warehouse

  • Supplier List
  • Price & Disc. - p. 2, 4, 6, 7
  • Warehouse Locations - Index, p. 4

July :
  • Autoline
  • Melling
  • Spectra Premium
June :
May :
  • DuraBond
  • Hastings
  • Hilift-Johnson
  • ICON
  • Keith Black
  • Microsleeve
  • Silvolite

E.R.I. welcomes the newest members:
  • Epic Auto Machine Service Ltd., Calgary, AB
  • Auto-Tetes de Quebec (2003), Quebec, QC
  • Centre de Moteur J.S. Levesque, Riviere-Du-Loup, QC
  • Centre de Moteur J.S. Levesque, Boisbriand, QC
  • Trac Cylinder Head Rebuilders Ltd., Edmonton, AB
  • Centre de Moteur J.S. Levesque, Quebec, QC
  • Thirsk Engine Rebuilders Ltd., Ponoka, AB


A voice in the decision making process of The Group.

Access to unlimited information resources via the "E.R.I. Report" and by “Networking" with E.R.I. management and other E.R.I. members through our website chatrooms.

Become more "competitive" in your trading area.

Commercial insurance programme.

Deal with top-rated manufacturers as an E.R.I. Associate.

Employer - Employee health insurance plan & registered pension plan.

Engine Warranty programme.

Hassle free ordering and delivery from U.S. based manufacturers. E.R.I. has brokerage & freight arrangements in place.

National advertising campaign & marketing programmes to promote OUR MEMBERS to the installers in their trading area.

Nationwide access to many product lines.

Nationwide regional member functions.

Part of a national organization dedicated to the profitability & success of its members.

Purchases from "preferred suppliers" are exempt from administration fees.

Purchases of major machinery & equipment exempt from administration fees.

Rebate programmes whereby surplus revenues, when available, are distributed amongst qualifying members.

Reduced bookkeeping costs, pay one monthly statement with one cheque.

Reduced net cost of parts and supplies.

Remain independent and control your own purchasing; you buy the lines you want to buy.

Warehousing facilities dedicated to group members.

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